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Your Proxi is Here!

Who is Proxi Public Relations?

Sabrina Alexander, APR has more than 13 years of strategic communications and specialized client relations experience. This includes the implementation of a number of successful marketing and social media campaigns and the development of a nationally recognized physician liaison program. Since starting her own boutique public relations firm, S. Alexander Consulting, Inc, in 2014, Sabrina has been servicing an array of large and small clients in various industries. Sabrina has garnered a highly-respected reputation in the public relations sector as well as among her diverse and growing number of clients.

As Sabrina’s client base expanded and the needs of her clients grew, Sabrina decided to take her boutique “soloPReneur” company to the next level by hiring some of her favorite public relations professionals to join her team. Proxi Public Relations was born!

The name “Proxi” represents our commitment to providing a gateway, or proxy, between our clients and their target audiences. Our clients trust us to serve as their brand “proxi.”

What are we doing?

As an accredited public relations professional, Sabrina is skilled at leading her team through research and strategic communications. Sabrina has built a seasoned and diverse staff located in Mobile, AL and a network of communication professionals located across the country.

How are we doing it?

Every project we develop is an opportunity to think bigger and deliver – not just great work – but better-performing work. Our relationships with our clients, and each other, are open, honest and collaborative. With many years of individual and combined experience, the Proxi team can be your full-service PR team or we can help round out, enhance and advise your existing team. We certainly stand by our services and reputation, but find a client referral is the highest compliment. Because the majority of our clients have sought our services through word-of-mouth, we are confident in the culture we are creating.

Why are we doing it?

Proxi is not a traditional PR agency, and we like that. We’re also not the agency for every client, and that’s good too. We want best-fit relationships within which we can invest and grow. Proxi doesn’t underestimate the power of a good brand story and we help find the right way to narrate it. If you want to stand out and grab your audience’s attention with a compelling campaign, Proxi is your partner.

All of our team members are involved with many non-profit organizations ranging from the arts to civic organizations and much more. We live in the community with the majority of our clients so we truly know how to deliver the messages of each. We have been successful in this and look forward to the future.

We are Big Enough to Do it Right and Small Enough to do it Better