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Simplifying the social media process

Are you truly showcasing your brand on social media? Or have you been using it as a one-way street of communication?

If you’re in the latter, you aren’t alone. It’s tough to remember everything you “should” be doing to optimize your social media presence – post every day, only post at “these” times, don’t post too many sales posts, respond to comments…whew! It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin. 

We’ve put together some key items to help you get back on track to streamline your social posting and making it the two-way form of communication it’s meant to be!


The best place to start is with a list! Think about all the possible things that you could post to help tell your story. Remember – social media channels are a great place to showcase behind the scenes work, highlight employees, and share “did you know” information. A few examples include:

  • Meet the staff/employee
  • Meet the owner(s)
  • Did you know – post behind-the-scenes about the organization
  • Blog posts
  • Articles from trusted third-parties (but it’s always best to be linking to your own blogs, if possible!)
  • Events the organization is sponsoring
  • Client/customer testimonials

This is just the beginning! What you can post depends largely upon your industry – for example, those in healthcare have strict guidelines to follow when it comes to posting client testimonials. 


You don’t have to post everyday to be successful on social media. The main thing you should keep in mind is to post regularly. This can be twice a week or three times a week. If your organization is struggling to post every day, you likely aren’t posting relevant content for your followers anyways!

When is the best time to post? This varies across industries. Our advice – test, test, test! Post your content at different times on different days and use the tools available to you (Facebook Insights) to see when your followers are online. For most of our clients, followers tend to be online most in the evening (between 6 and 9 p.m.). 

You won’t know the best times to post for your organization until you get out there and start posting! 


You can’t forget to see what your competitors are doing – not to duplicate their efforts, but to determine key opportunities and threats for your organization. Some questions to ask yourself include:

  1. What service(s) are we providing that our competitors are not?
  2. Why should someone use our company instead of our competitors?
  3. What makes our team stand out?
  4. What parts of our organization’s story really stand out?

These questions are all post ideas and reasons for people to follow your page. 


…give our team a call. We’re here to provide full-service marketing/public relations, as well as consulting – in case you just need some guidance to get things started. Shoot us an email at hello@proxipr.com so we can set up a meeting to find out your needs!

Your brand is already out there - are you guiding the message?